How do you hook up a push button horn

Take an in-line fuse, with wires attached at both ends, and place it between the cut wire. Twist one end of the horn wire to one end of the in-line fuse wire by hand. Twist a wire nut on the joint. Do the same to the other end, but add the long kit wire into the joint, twisting three wires together and twist a wire nut onto the connection. You now have one single wire connected with two wire nuts, with a fuse in between, and a new hot wire coming out of it.

Tape any excess wire slack to the main wire loom. Run the single kit wire up the loom, taping it to the loom with electrical tape as you move toward the back of the engine. Find a grommet in the firewall and push the wire through. Go to the driver's seat and decide where to mount your horn button.

Drill two holes that match the width of the button mounting frame in the metal part of the dashboard. Drill one more larger hole in the center of the two mount holes. Be careful not to drill into any component on the other side of the dashboard.

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Run the wire up through the middle hole toward you and fasten it to the wire on the horn button. You might have a female jack on the button wire or a spade connector. Use the kit parts to join the two wires by stripping the end of horn wire and attaching the proper connector. Once connected, align the horn button-mount over the drill holes and twist two self-tapping screws into the dashboard by hand.

Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. I got one started but still not sure how it needs to be wired with the accessories I'm using. Got a question, do you have any diagram for the wiring or relay for the horn button?? I bought an aftermarket button and unfortunately I do not know how to get it done.

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Thanks for any reply. Originally Posted by Dugan.

How To Wire A Horn Sitch - Nissan Micra K11

All the big trucks I have seen the "button" in the steering wheel grounds a relay and the relay sends voltage to the horn. The horn is ground to the frame. Here is the common horn relay wiring.

electrical - Manual horn switch - Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange

Attachment Hope you can enlarge and see ok. Hope this helps clear up horn wiring.

  1. How to Install a Universal Horn Button | It Still Runs.
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  7. I just moved to texas where they require vehicle inspections. Since my car has , miles on it, and i have had some experience with soldering and circuitry i want to wire it up myself. First off I can say that I have done something like this, but with the ignition and not the horn - my friends ignition switch broke so we wired a bright red push button directly from the battery well - actually a fused 12v line inside the car to the starter motor coil - it has since worked like a champ for nearly two years. First off - DO NOT wire directly from the battery, there is always a potential for a short say in an accident or due to your own mistake and those lead-acid batteries can be unpleasant when they explode.

    Your best bet would be to splice the 12v from the accessory 12v line in the harness it should be exposed near your radio Since this is fused and isolated from any more important components.

    TYPICALLY the horn is on its own branch, just because it needs to be activated by the alarm system and should be able to honk when the key is out the accessory 12v is usually shut off when the key is taken out , however this may not be important to you. The proper way would be to look up the wiring diagram in your car and find which wire in the harness corresponds to the horn 12v supply it may be tied to some other 12v line - like internal illumination and which wire corresponds to the horn, -tie the two together with a switch and you are good to go.

    The "stupid college student way" I only say this because this is what we did with my friends ignition to approach the problem would be to pull a wire through the firewall and directly to the horn, tied to some random 12v line near the dash.

    • How to Install a Universal Horn Button | It Still Runs.
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    As for placing the switch I would avoid opening up the steering wheel, but thats just my squeemishness around airbag systems, although I don't know if your car has a driver airbag so it may be clear.