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Tata 28 years old. Karina 25 years old. Elena 46 years old. Albina 37 years old.

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Oksanochka 27 years old. Valeriya 26 years old. Ekaterina 30 years old. Lena 44 years old. Viktoriya 44 years old. Juliya 30 years old. Irina 36 years old. Ekaterina 38 years old. Viktoriya 43 years old. Anna 36 years old. Viktoriya 39 years old. Elena 56 years old.

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Marina 45 years old. Elena 51 years old.

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Lyubov 45 years old. Tatyana 44 years old. Olga 25 years old. Nataliya 38 years old.

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Galina 64 years old. Olga 37 years old. Svetlana 38 years old. Galina 56 years old. I sent photos from both christmas day and new years eve an there were no response to those photos. Instead there was an excuse that phone was on repair.

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After a month i sent some "flowers" more likely a scam where they split the money you send scammer and agency rather than actually giving the lady roses and suddenly she seemed much more affectionate and interested in you. She didnt pick up the phone when i tried to call her and you had to make a plan on when to call her. Another very bad sign.

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One time someone picked up the phone but it was never her, it was another ladys voice. The lady i met had a very charactheristically voice so it would be very easy to recognize the voice. Even more worrying was the fact that when i looked up the name and surname on other social media there was nothing to be found, just other women. Today virtually ALL beautiful women are on some kind of social media. It became clear and evident that this was a scam set up About the owner himself, an obviously mentally unstable person with very, very bad tempers and mood and lacking elemtary service to elements to his clients.

An example, tried to make payment but was lacking adress, asked him for the adress a couple of times and then he threatened to stop the whole romance tour. Before i went on the tour i skyped with a couple of ladies so i decided i had to just keep up with this mad person.

When i arrived in kharkov i got an apartment that was in a very bad shape and condition with no real heat it was late november and very cold and i had to sleep in my clothings the first night. I tried to call translator and agency but none was there to help. Owner of HH showed no interest in listening and serving his customers, instead blaming his clients and not trying to listen to what i experienced. It was a disaster and a HUGE financial loss.