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A challenge to examine the formative moments of your childhood. What I Know Now: Is He Marriage Material? What do you wish you would have known? For women in serious relationships.

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Is She The One? For men in serious relationships. Ask men for help, but how you ask matters. How Do You Know?

Ask Joy: Billy Doesn't Date

A story on the choice to marry and the choice to love. What to do when one has an irrational fear that is impeding commitment. Labels and Respectfully Confronting Friends: When are generalizations good? How much should your spouse meet your emotional needs? End of the Trail: Sarah Thebarge — Illumination Guest: Sarah shares a story of when a closed door turned out to be a gift.

Strengths Finder Personality Profile: Katelyn Beaty — Illumination Guest: How do you challenge and not shame your friends?

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Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Deborah Tannen — Formal Lunch: Conversation when you are the only single one in the room. Married and Mourning the Loss of Community: When new marriage means loss of community. Why do men cut off a relationship so quickly? How can women respond? Is There Hope for Men? Acknowledging and dealing with hormone-motivated mood swings. How to Approach an Irrational Man? Loyalty Sealed the Deal: Joy shares the cover of her book.

Sweet 16 Pity Date: Joy and Justin tell two different stories of their first date. Is Interracial Dating Okay? Joy shares her thoughts on interracial dating fifty years ago and now. Emotional Connections Last Forever: Observe the human reaction to love and being intimately known. Esther Havens — Illumination Around the World: Is your significant other your motivator or your savior?

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Jennie Allen and the Dreamers: Who is Jennie Allen and what does she do? Kindness and Heel Kicks: Special Guest Joy Eggerichs: How do you let a guy down nicely? Humble Arrogance and Staying Away from Girls: Dealing with the flattery when someone likes you. Fritz Ridenour — Illumination Beyond Marriage: Reflections during and after 56 years of marriage. What does your heart look like when you give? New Dads, Put Pegs in the Floor: For newly married women. For newly married men. Confronting Parents—Yay or Nay? How do you confront your parents and still honor them?

Karyn Thurston — Finding Your Light: When to be seen and when to surrender the spotlight. Infographic about those first date jitters. Not letting wounds from the past impact the present. Which Comes First, Love or Respect? The one who is most mature. Sarah Collins — A Fortress for Love: Observations on affection and love throughout the world. A prayer that we may be intimately known today.

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Timothy Willard — Naked I Jump: Moments of joy inside and outside of marriage. Thanking Steph as she transitions out. Single and Not Ready to Mingle: Finding balance between your current relationship status and your relationship desires. Helping a girl relinquish her fears. Announcement that Rick McKinley is re-releasing his first book.

Ask Joy: Online Dating UPDATE

Lewis — The Thrill: Initial, fluttering, thrilling love vs. On Alfredo Sauce and Being Intentional: Katie Locke — A Radio Truth: How the Love and Respect message affected Katie as a single and married person. Cat Lady, Part 3: Cat Lady, Part 2: Becoming the kind of partner you want to be with. Cat Lady, Part 1: Not wasting your alone time as a single person. Joy gave online dating a shot—here are the results. I Want to Roast Marshmallows, too! Recommended books and TED Talks. Emily Maynard — Saying No to Negativity: Choosing not to make negative generalizations about men or women.

Respect for Women, too?

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Clarifying what respect means to women and men. Thoughts on the twenty-something process of building a life. Benny Fountain — Kitchen Series: A series of paintings on how past experiences shape your vision. Just Give It A Chance: Delay is Not Denial: Thoughts for when God seems to be taking His time. Eric Metaxas — Impromptu Interview: A challenge to help understand gender differences. Propaganda — Be Present: A spoken word piece on being present amidst technology.

The lightbulb moment that made Mike believe in Jesus. The value of respect, friendship and shoulder-to-shoulder time for a man. For the Unsung Hero: Getting off of the Crazy Cycle, even if the other person is wrong. Janel Kaden — Love Light: A pop art piece contributed for The Illumination Series. Answering all of your questions about The Illumination Project. Was it a Date? How do you define a date? How do you clarify when it becomes unclear?

Do You Love Me? An interview with the creator of Verily Magazine.

Setting boundaries in a once-sexual relationship—why should you?